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DNArt® offers a variety of products and services that feature, highlight, honor and celebrate human individuality, the uniqueness of the individual, human diversity and common humanity as a central message of DNA, the molecule of life.

DNArt®’s products in principle represent any items or objects utilized by individuals in everyday life or for special occasions (for an extended list of examples see our DNArt®ItemSet on www.dnart.de).

These will be labeled, furnished, provided, imprinted, or generally refined with symbols, signs, signatures, patterns, marks, imprints, pictures, figures and drawings, graphics in general, verbal messages and statements (DNArt®CreatorSetDNArt®Symbols, DNArt®Graphics, DNArt®VerbalMessages), genetic profiles and authentic, individual DNA signatures (DNArt®Signatures), that is DNA sequence information or any related genomic information or insights that will express your individuality and highlight your uniqueness (DNArt®CreatorSet: DNArt®Personalized), or generally convey DNArt®’s concepts and humane messages.

DNArt®ReadyMade: These products can represent standard products, ready-made, ready-to-go.  

DNArt®Customized: They can be customized, that means designed or composed according to the choices and preferences of the customer.

DNArt®Personalized: They can be personalized, that means your authentic personal DNA signatures can be visualized or displayed by application of modern DNA and genomics technologies.

DNArt®IndustrialDesign: DNArt®’s products may be manufactured at an industrial scale.

DNArt®LuxuryLine: At last, they may be generated and manufactured in an ultimately unique and personalized way at a scale and by use of materials that only few in this world can afford.

DNArt®’s products will be distributed by retail and whole sale.
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