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DNArt® offers on demand DNA sequencing, typing, profiling and analyses services aiming to unveal each individual’s uniqueness as it is encoded in the blueprint of his/her life and distinguishes it from all others. Knowledge from multiple human genomes that have been deciphered to this day allows pinpointing what makes an individual unique.

DNArt® Genomics Services
include the analyses of specific parts in an individual genome, as well as perspectively the analyses of personal genomes as a whole:

    Your personal signature in a part of the genome that encodes
    the information to experience pleasure and pain

    Your individual DNA sequence that encodes body clocks
    and may make you an owl or lark or a short sleeper

    Your individual gene profiles that contribute to genetic and
    biological compatibility with partners

    Any gene of interest that may have an impact on personal
    traits or an individual’s health

    Decoding an individual’s entire personal genome. All letters
    in the
personal code will be highlighted that feature your
    unique self.

    As an additional feature, more comprehensive analyses of
and genomes, also with regard to selected health
    traits, could
be performed.

    On demand:
    Individuals‘ personal genomic signatures can be used to
    design and
manufacture DNArt®Personalized unique
    goods & luxury items.


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