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About us

DNArt®’s mission is to transform insights of modern science into messages that honor and celebrate human individuality, the uniqueness of human beings, human diversity and common humanity as untouchable, inherent features of DNA, the molecule of life, the code common to all of us, the code distinguishing all of us.

DNArt®’s philosophical and humane concepts are intrinsically related to this message of DNA. DNArt®ScienceBase, DNArt®DNAPhilosophy, DNArt®GeneticIndividuality, and DNArt®CommonHumanity.

DNArt® relies on a strong scientific knowledge base, brings scientific advances to bear and applies state-of-the-art DNA technologies to make your very personal DNA signature visible. DNArt®ScienceBase, DNArt®GeneticIndividuality, and DNArt®CommonHumanity.

DNArt® offers Products and Services that highlight human individuality and the uniqueness of the individual. DNArt® features a broad range of ready-made or customized products, which can be imprinted, labeled or refined with DNArt®’s logo, DNArt®VerbalMessages, DNArt®Symbols, DNArt®Graphics, and/or  DNArt®Signatures.



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